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Best Wireless Headphones For TV 2017 - Buyer's Guide

It's not fair using a $10  Headphone with your $2500 4K right? So why not switch to a little expensive TV headphone which would worth every penny spend on it, as Money doesn't come for free right?
So here today we are going to review the best Wireless headphones for TV in 2017 including the most popular brands like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Bose and several others.All the headphones are deeply tested and performed exceptionally well and we hope you by the end of the post you will choose a perfect one for yourself.

Here we have added the TV headphone running on both wireless transmitter and ones equipped with Bluetooth technology to be used with Smart Tv's which do have Bluetooth connectivity as an option.

Best Wireless TV Headphones - Quick Look

1.Sennheiser RS120 [ Editor's Choice]
Equipped with all features at low price.
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2.Sony MDRF985RK
With Noise reduction Technology
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3.Sennheiser RS 170
Up to 4 Headphones Connectivity
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4.RIF6 Digital Wireless
With Large Dynamic Drivers with No Sound Leakage
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5.Bose Sound Link 2 - With Bluetooth Connectivity

1.Sennheiser RS 120 - Best Wireless TV Headphones 2017
Connectivity Range: 100m
Battery Backup: 20 Hours
Weight: 199gms

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Comes with a wireless transmitter which also acts as a charging dock, just place your headphone over it and juice it up.
 Connectivity range up to 100 meters so that you don't have to stick near to the TV and cause pain to your eyes
 Light Weight Radio Frequency makes it a perfect headphone to use as wireless TV headphones or with Hifi Audio Devices
 Interference free reception to let the wireless sound waves pass through walls and ceilings
 Open back design with excellent bass support
 Comes with Tune in and volume controls or drivers
 Long battery life
 The extremely light weight which allows you to use them for a longer period of time.

Don't be confused between the wireless Rf technology and Bluetooth technology, The Sennheiser RF 120 doesn't come equipped with Bluetooth in any case so if you are planning to use them for multipurpose like connecting with your iPhones or other smartphones in spare time then you would not be able to do that.These are ideally built for TV and performs the perfect job when used with them

Our Detailed Review:
These are the best headphones in our review and there are actually several reasons to it, comes equipped with advanced technology, They are from the world renowned brands plus they come at a very low price which makes it easy to afford by every consumer.The wireless technology is exceptionally great, it truly offers you a connectivity up to 100 meters so that in case you are lying on the sofa and still want to hear the clear sound then you will never face any problem regarding sound cut or other similar things.Battery provided does a great job, surrounding with a backup of 20 hours you can expect a range of up to 2-3 days assuming that you don't invest more than 5 hours daily watching TV.These are the open back headphones which allow the sound to pass freely as surrounding sounds to enter easily.We can't refer to it as an ambient sound technology but still, it creates a good balance between external and internal sounds.The headphones weigh dead less and will barely make you feel that you got something on top of your head

Pros and Cons:
Extremely light in weight for better comfort 
Included dock for easy battery recharge
High connectivity range
Compatible with other HiFi Audio Devices
No Cons
Pricing and Ratings: With positive reviews all over the internet and with a low price tag nothing can be better than this if you actually want to save some bucks.To buy it now or to check reviews on it go to amazon:
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2.Sony MDRRF985RK - With Noise reduction Technology
Connectivity Range - 50m
Battery Backup - 25 hours
Weight - 300gms
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➔ 40mm drivers for better ear covering and no sound leakage
 900mhz frequency for wireless listening
 Equipped with Noise reduction technology so that you can focus more on what's important.
 Cushion padded headband for extreme comfort 
 Easy setup, just connect your RF receptor to TV and you are good to use the headphones with them
 High connectivity range as compared to general range of 10 m
 Excellent battery back of more than complete one day
 Matt finish design 

Though equipped with standard 40mm drivers the headphones may still feel like a bulky stuff to some users and the reason to it is that manufacturer have added the noise cancellation technology which would not work perfectly if the ears will remain uncovered plus if the drivers would be small the consumers will face the problem of sound leakage which may disturb the people in the surroundings. So Yes! it's bulky but its good on purpose.

Our Detailed Review:
If you are looking for a branded wireless tv headphones which also perform well on the terms of noise cancellation then this tv headphone works great but if you come down to getting the perfect headphone for tv with excellent build quality then you might be certainly disappointing. With the matte black finish on top manufacturer have tried to give it a great look but at some point, you may feel like they failed to do so, However, if you look at the price point of this tv headphone then you might ignore these small problems.It comes with a connectivity range fo 50m which will never let you into the problem of broken sound.Setting up is easy with any TV or FM radio and with 900mhz frequency the sound is clear and brilliant we can't say any negative things on that aspect and also if you are have been troubled by battery issues of you previous headphone then in this TV headphone you do get battery range of 25 hours which is par excellent.

Pros and Cons:
Perfect in terms of battery range and connectivity
Comfortable from drivers as well as headband
Works well with both TV and FM Radio
Bulky in Size but not heavy
Average Build Quality

Pricing and Ratings:
The headphone is one of the lowest priced branded tv headphones and has good quality reviews.If you don't want to compromise in terms of features and also lying low on budget then we recommend you to check it once:
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3.Sennheiser RS 170 - With Up to 4 Multiple Headphones Connectivity
Connectivity Range - 100m
Battery Life - 16 hours
Weight - 216 gms
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 Up to 4 headphones multi-connectivity Option
 Closed back headphone with dynamic bass performance
 Clear and Detailed Audio Reproduction
 Multiple listening modes including surround sound
 Included dock with easy-charge cradle
 Supports TV and other HiFi Audio devices like Home theater system
 Packed with neodymium magnet for better sound clarity
 Button Controls on top for Volume and to turn on surround and bass enhancer
Little heating has been the problem of Sennheiser is most of the tv headphones.The headphone may start making you feel little warm near the ear if you are going to use it for longer term but again looking at the comfort level it provides,You are going to feel it rare situation and if you are going to use them in intervals and not continuously for several hours then we don't see any problem over there

Our Detailed Review:
Sennheiser Rs 170 is by far the best mid-budget tv headphone after the low priced RS 120.Talking about the features it does comes with multiple headphone connectivities through which a complete family of up to 4 people can connect 4 headphones to the same audio source be it Tv or Home theater.We do have seen other headphone from the same brand with options up to 2 headphones connectivity but this once seems to be a step ahead than it.Turning on the surround and Bass has been made extremely easy with the buttons on top which also include separate buttons for volume controls.With the use, neodymium ferrous magnet the manufacturer have completely focused on clear sound reproduction so that you never feel like you compromised in terms of audio clarity.The design is similar to other RF headphones with the branding on top of drivers and overall this tv headphone has come out as a great looking headphone.

Pros and Cons:
Multiple Headphone connectivities with the same transmitter
Extremely Light in weight for better comfort
Easy controls
No Major Cons

Final Words: If you are somehow stuck in mid budget and want a device which can be used by complete family at a time then you should give this a chance plus the trust factor from the popular brand will most likely meet all of your expectations:
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4.RIF6 Digital Wireless - No Sound Leakage from Large Drivers
Connectivity Range - 30m
Battery Life - 20 hours
Weight - 216 gms
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➔ Crystal clear sound with frequency response of 30hz,20hz
 Comes with two AAA rechargeable batteries
 Compatible with all the TV and Hifi Audio Systems
 Soft padded ear cushion and headband for superior comfort
 Large Dynamic Drivers to prevent noise leakage
 High range interference for no problem of sound break
 Supports Speed Charge

They are not equipped with any microphone so even if you are going to use them as wired headphones with you Smartphone you would not be able to perform calls through it.

One of the features that might bother you is that the headphone comes ith auto turn off if no sound is played for 6 minutes and you have to turn them on again, so in case you are going to buy them don't get confused thinking about it as a bug, it is completely normal

Our Detailed Review:
This Tv headphones do not comes from a very renowned brand but features offered by the company as such price tag made it one of the best wireless Tv headphone in our list.Talking about the build quality of the headphone, it perfectly builds both is terms of design and wheel as comfort quality.The ear cups are comfortable to wear for a longer period and do not cause any heating or sweating around the ears.The sound quality is brilliant and there can't be any negative thoughts about it.However, this tv headphone misses the noise cancellation feature but the extremely fit drivers will barely make you feel about that missing feature.The headphone support fast charging and yo do get an extra battery for future use.

Pros and Cons:
Low Price tag
Excellent Sound and Comfort Quality
Equipped with Smart Feature like Led indicator
Auto Turn off might be an annoying feature for few customers.

Final Words: With a low price tag you do get all the qualities of excellent Tv headphones plus the headphone is immensely popular among customers with a huge satisfaction rate.

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5.Bose Sound Link 2 - Best Bluetooth Tv Headphones 
Connectivity Range: 10m
Battery Backup: 15 Hours
Weight: 195gms

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When its Bose you do not dare to doubt.Sound Link 2, It might be expensive but its perfect, Deep immersive sound, best in class EQ plus a neat design on top which is enough to attract a user.Use it with your TV or with your phone, the advanced Bluetooth technology loaded in it makes it easy to use with all of the music devices in the market.Bose has been since a long time in the market and has been known for producing excellent gadgets including headphones and speakers, yes they are expensive manufacturers but if we compare the quality with the price then its worth for money.

➔ Excellent Sound Quality: As mentioned this wireless TV headphone is packed with best in class Equalization which delivers the crisp sound quality doesn't matter what level you are playing the music.

➔ Multi-Device Switching: Stay Connected with two devices at a point so in case you are watching a movie on your TV and phone receives a call, the advance technology will pause the video and will give preference to the call.

➔ Easy Controls: Never take the pain to pick up the remote to turn up the volume or switch to next scene the easy control navigation buttons on the Bose headphones will do the job for your right away from your Comfy Sofa.

➔ Comfort: The headphones are designed to be light weight plus durable at the same time.So its time to get off from your bulky headphones and try the all new Bose Sound Link 2.

Pros and Cons:
Neat Design
Excellent Sound Quality
Durable, Comfortable plus Portable all three in one take
Price may bother some of the customers

Pricing and Reviews: Pricing is a bit high and the reason is simple because it comes from leading brands whom you can blindly trust when going for any sound device.But If you want to get a multipurpose headphone to use with Tv and other devices running on Bluetooth then this would end up being an excellent choice both in short term and long term period.

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6.Sennheiser RS 175 - With Multiple Modes for Bass and Sorround Sound
Connectivity Range - 100m
Battery Life - 18 hours
Weight - 400 gms
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➔ Excellent Digital Audio transmission.
➔ Closed back design for better bass experience
➔ Virtual Surround modes and bass boost options to customize the listening experience as per the needs
➔ Options for Both Digital and Analog output in Transmitter
➔ Easy Connection to other devices like Mobile Phones and Laptops by 3.5mm audio jack
➔ Transmitter supports connection up to 2 pairs of headphones simultaneously
➔ Intelligent controls on top for Bass control, audio modes, nd other general controls
➔ Cushion Pads on drivers and headbands for extreme comfort

➔ In the initial days, you might face some problem with the control buttons.The buttons are sticky and almost flat on the surface so if would be confusion for to press the right button from initial use.We during the reviews tried to increase the volume but ended up decreasing it and then tried for the second time.Not a big issue but still need to be addressed.
 A long-term use of these tv headphone will start sweating on the sides of the ear as they are designed to be sweat proof and you will start feeling some heat around but again that's an issue you will notice when you use them for longer period

Our detailed Review:
No doubt the Rf series from Sennheiser is the best series of wireless TV headphones and same we can say about this one too.You are high connectivity range so that you can easily enjoy music from your bed while the Tv is far away on your wall.The headphone comes with some new options which were not there is previous tv headphones mentioned above that are options to change virtual surround modes and bass controls the control buttons to which are on the driver itself so that you can use the features when you badly need is multipurpose headphone which can be used with any device having an analog output [ Left, Right RCA or 3.55 audio port], which makes it super compatible with smartphones.The design and build quality are top notches and the work on comfort quality is also done well, You do get cushion pads on both drivers for comfort to ears and on headbands so that you don't go through any problem when using them on top of the head.You do get an excellent battery life of 18 hours so that you don't have to plug it in often.

Pros and Cons:
Two headphones connectivity with Transmitter
Virtual surround sound support
Multipurpose Headphone
No Sweat Proof

Pricing: The price tag is set to be in mid-budget which would be a good investment for such a power packed headphone.It comes with options of a pack of 2 headsets and 1 headset so that if you are a couple and want to enjoy your TV series together then choose as per that.
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7.Cowin E-7 - Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphone
Connectivity Range: 10m
Battery Backup: 30 Hours
Weight: 385gms

Cowin E-7  Noise
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Being the best selling wireless headphones on amazon and on top in our list of best Bluetooth headphone for TV in 2017 the cowin E7  fits well,sounds great and moreover fits in your budget.the headphones comes in packed with active noise cancelling feature ,just turn it on and get focused on the notes of the movies on your TV.Even if you are surrounded by crowd or have your home near to some airport, the noise cancellation feature is going to work perfectly fine,The headphones are designed well from the inside as well as outside, when on ears gives the pillow-like softness, being light weight they do not pressurize much on the head which never makes it feel like you have something.

➔ Active Noise Cancellation: The advanced feature of noise cancellation allows you to enjoy your music when you are sitting in your cabin in a busy office or when the honks on your streets are too loud.Since it is a closed back headphone it not just reduces the surrounding noise but also prevents the sound leakage, not disturbing anyone in your surroundings.

➔ Advanced Sound technology: you might have just heard phrases like " Music coming to life " but this proverb happens to be true with this headphone.Clear vocals, precise instruments and awesome bass that is what you get with the device and it can end up being a great choice for the users who like to feel each and every beat of the music.

 The battery range of these Bluetooth headphones is excellent, at one charge you can use them for about 30 hours with your tv or any other device and when the battery is dead it can still be used in wired mode which would be hard to do with TV but still if you are buying it as a multipurpose then that feature do comes in use.

Pros and Cons:
Multidevice Connectivity
Supports Tv and other Smart Devices
Noise Cancellation
No Transmitter connectivity

Pricing and Ratings: Due to its low price and high-end feature the headphone has become quite popular among customers, So In case you can not spend a lot of money on a TV headphone then you should consider this one.
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8.Plantronics Backbeat Sense - High Bluetooth Connectivity Range
Connectivity Range: 100m
Battery Backup: 18 Hours
Weight: 272gms

Plantronics Backbeat Sense
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You will fall in love with these headphones once you put them on over your ears, they are soft, they are of perfect size plus they carry the advance technology which automatically turns off the music once you pull them down from your ears. Moreover, they are compatible with all the Music devices in the United States and other Countries including iPhone and android devices so this is the ultimate solution to every single device you love to hear music on.You wonder why these headphones are on top on our list of best wireless headphones for TV? , so response to that would be, the headphone not only carries the features stated above but also comes with awesome battery life which can give you non-stop music playback up to 18 hours plus the headphone running Bluetooth technology offers connectivity up to 100 meters from the range of your TV or other gadgets which will help you in enjoying music from your Drawing room while sitting in your Bed Room.

Being packed with such advanced technology, the feature that's missing in this headphone is the noise cancellation technology, the reason behind is that it do not cover the ear completely being small and compact in size, other than this if the noise cancellation features are not our checklist then this is the best headphone for you.

Highlighting Features:
Rich Audio quality supported with Excellent Bass Mechanism
Light Weight supported with beautiful Design and Color
Includes Dual Noise cancellation mic which helps to answer calls with ease for those who are going to use them on Smartphone as well.
Smart Sensor Technology
Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity to connect to your Smart TV with ease

Final words: The design and look of the headphone are something which would grab your attention instantly plus the earbuds features a soft cushion which will allow you to use them for a longer period of time.To buy now or check customer reviews for this tv headphone visit amazon.
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9.Sony MDRXB650BT/B - Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones
Connectivity Range: 10m
Battery Backup: 30 Hours
Weight: 498 gms
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The name is enough when you get to hear about a music device designed by Sony.The design of the headphone is top notched plus you get a really excellent quality cushion over your hear which would never make you fell to take these wireless headphones off, just connect using Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music on your preferred device.Sony has also featured the option to connect with NFC to enjoy your music being online on the go.The headphone are compatible with all the smart TV's which have Bluetooth as connectivity option or NFC.The bass of the headphone is something which is a special feature of the headphone.We do have seen headphones from sony in past with electronic bass features and same has been done in this TV headphone.

No doubt you are getting some excellent sound quality and bass enhancement in it but it still misses the noise cancellation feature which may not bother you when you are at home using them with Tv but in case you are going to use them with your mobile phones then you might feel like you need that feature.However, we still believe that extra bass will decrease the surrounding noise to much extent.

Pros and Cons:
Extreme sound clarity with extra bass
Excellent Design and Body finish
Long Battery Life
No Noise cancellation feature
Slightly Heavy 

Final Words: this is going to be an ideal headphone who want to invest in a multipurpose headphone for the use with Tv, mobile phones, and other devices, The price very reasonable and we believe you will love this technology.
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Wireless Headphones for Tv - Buyer's Guide

What are Wireless Tv Headphones?
Wireless Tv Headphone are no rocket science as compared to other wireless headphones, it just that instead of the technology inside the headphone itself they come along with an analog transmitter which needs to be connected to the TV before you can enjoy the music of headphones.However the ones with Bluetooth are super easy to connect and usually comes at a low price but it has been seen that the Bluetooth headphones do come with very less frequency range which results in the breakdown of sounds at intervals, whereas in the case of ones with transmitters have an average range of 100 meters.

How Transmitter Headphones are different from Bluetooth headphones
The Bluetooth headphone works on complete wireless technology whereas in the case of Transmitter headphones you have to connect the transmitter by analog cable to Tv.Another disadvantage of using Bluetooth Tv headphones is that you can only connect one headphone to Tv at a time whereas some transmitters allow you to connect up to 4 headphones at a time.

What to look for?
The most of the Tv headphones are equipped with high RF or Radio Frequency which helps in providing you a longer connectivity range, So the first most important feature you should see to is a High Radio frequency.However, if you are choosing one from our list then you can see our most of the tv headphones have at least 100 meters of the range which would end up being perfect for anyone.

Which One to Buy?

The answer to this completely depends upon your budget, If you're low on budget then nothing can be better than Sennheiser RS 120, However, if you high on a budget you can go for Sennheiser RS 175.You should also check before hand how many headphones you need to connect with a single transmitter as some do come with connectivity up to 2 tv headphones whereas some offer 4 tv headphones connectivity as well.