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Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 2017 - Buyer's Guide

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley. 
Music is certainly the perfect cure for stress today, but to feel those sensational music waves you need a great headphone and since the world is going wireless we are going to reveal the best wireless Bluetooth headphones of 2017, which are not only excellent in terms of sound quality but are also build up with great design and style which provides  a great comfort level as well
We have included the headphones from the Brands like Sennheiser, Sony, Bose so that you do not make a mistake and regret later.So you do not have to think twice before going for the one you feel is perfect for you.

On what factors we have chosen the Best Bluetooth Headphones?
➔Sound Quality
➔Connectivity Range
➔Comfort and Weight

Best Wireless Headphones - 2017 [ Quick Look]

1.Avantree Fast Audio aptX [Lowest Price]
40 Hours of Battery Backup
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2.Plantronics Backbeat Pro [Editor's Choice]
Up to 100 meters of wireless Connectivity
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3.Bose Quite Comfort 35
Best in Noise Cancellation Technology
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4.Audio Technica ATH S700BT 
Up to 8 Devices Connectivity Feature.
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5.Sony MDR 1000X/B
With Easy touch controls for Calls and Music
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Now its time for some detailed reviews,all of these use Bluetooth as connectivity options where as some do come with NFC as well and in some case you get do get both the options.😊

1. Plantronics Backbeat Pro - Best Bluetooth Headphone 2017
Battery Backup - 24 hours
Connectivity Range - 100m
Weight - 335 gms
Plantronics back beat pro
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On top in our list is a mid-budget Wireless headphone which is giving a tough competition to all the high budget products in this segment.Starting with the most dominating feature of this headphone that is the connectivity range, This may come as a surprise for you but you get the Bluetooth connectivity up to 330 ft on this headphone along with 24 hours of insane battery backup leaving no reasons for the customer to not buy it.Along with the listed features, the Plantronics backbeat pro also has the multi-device connectivity features which mean you can connect both of your Tablet as well as iPhone to the headphone at a single time.

Multi-Device Connection works in a way like when you are enjoying a movie on your tablet or laptop and you get a call on your phone, the movie will stop or the moment giving first preference to the call and will resume the movie as soon as the call in being disconnected.
The headphones are also equipped with mic and noise cancellation feature so that your surroundings do not interrupt you when you are high on music plus with mic, you can take away the calls with ease without taking out the phone from your pocket.
these headphone can end up with the best choice for people who love to travel as they are never going to face any kind of battery drainage issues, just charge in once and enjoy music for next full day.
Comfort Quality and Build Quality:
Build Quality is great and is top notched and same can be said for the comfort quality as well.The cushion cups are soft and do cover the ears well.At our review of the headphones they fitted very well and we assume everyone with usual head shapes and ear sizes will not suffer any problem regarding that.Since they are closed back headphones with deep bass and noise cancellation features they have been made in a way that they stick tightly to the ear surroundings so that no sound leakage happens in any case.

Pros and Cons:
Excellent Battery Life
Excellent Connectivity Range
2 Device Connectivity
Mid-Budget Price Range
Noise Cancellation Technology With Dual Mic
No Cons

Final Words:This headphone has all the qualities for becoming the best headphone.For everyone looking for all the premium features at a mid-budget price range, nothing can be better than this for you.So If you want to save some bucks for your self and still own a perfect headphone then go for it.
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2. Bose QuietComfort 35 - Best Noise Cancellation Headphones
Battery Backup - 20 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 286 gms

Bose quite Comfort 35
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The QuiteComfort 35 comes equipped with all the features you get to see in awesome headphones.Equipped with world class Noise Cancellation technology you can now only focus on your music without getting distracted by the traffic noise when present in some crowds are.It is designed keeping in mind all the users, in which some prefer listening to music at high sound levels and some at low sound levels as the Volume Optimized EQ installed in this wireless headphone Emits balanced audio performance at every sound level.Talking about the connectivity options this wireless headphone offers Bluetooth and NFC which are easy to connect and support all of the popular music devices in the market.
We believe you are having a hard time with the mic functionality of your old headphones but with Bose Quiet comfort 35 you get advance dual noise cancellation mics which would never distract your loved ones on the call with the noises around you.Along with the excellent features in this headphones, you get an excellent battery life of up to 20 hours of continuous playback.

Build and Design Quality: With so many excellent features the bose has stilled managed to bring out the great design for the headphone.It's light weight, simple yet great looking plus very comfortable to the ears so that you never felt tired of hanging them around your neck even when you are not enjoying the music.
You do get a free app which makes it easy for you to switching between devices and lets your personalize your settings as per your preferences.

Pros and Cons:
Great Design and Comfort Quality.
Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology.
Dual Noise Cancellation Mic.
Long Battery Life.
Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options.
May end up being little Costly for few People. 

Final words:With being among the top rated and most selling wireless headphone on amazon it would end up being a great choice for users looking or a perfect headphone.Though it might cost you some extra dollars but you will find it beneficial when it comes to you hands.
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3. Sony MDRXB950BT/L - For Users Seeking Some Extra Premium Bass 
Battery Backup - 20 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 280 gms
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Sony is among one of the finest and popular manufacturers in the world when it comes to electronic products, Be it televisions Mobile Phones or Headphones Sony has always given its best to the customers and had been able to manage a huge trust base among customers.Talking about this premium headphones from sony which is been designed for the users who love Bass, With Electronic Bass Boost Circuitry added to these Bluetooth headphones the company has made sure that you get the best for what you are paying for.
If we compare it to other leading manufacturers like Bose then the headphones will come as very low at price as compared to hefty price tag carried by Bose wireless headphones , So if you are bot one of the crazy Bose Fan then this can be a perfect pick for you but if you biased towards Bose then you can go for them as well

Talking about the other in hand features, you get the advanced Bluetooth technology and NFC as the connectivity options with an excellent battery life of up to 20 hours continuous playback so that battery drainage never comes between entertainment.The best part about the headphones is that you get a stand alone press button to turn on the extreme electric bass boost. This feature can be a great one when we have multiple users with a different preference for a single device.If you are worried about taking calls with the help of this headphone then yo do not have to worry as it has a built-in microphone so that you take calls on the go just by pressing the power button, Life can not become easy than this right?

Design and Feel: The ear cushion cups feels great to put over the ears, they cover the ear well plus they fold flat for portability when you are in a rolling mode.The headphones are being given a shiny look and all the variants are soothing to the eyes plus you get the options of all the colors to choose from.

Pros and Cons:
Premium Bass Quality
Value for Money
Excellent Design and Comfort
Excellent Battery Life
Some Users may find it Bulky in Size
No Water Proof

Final words:If You have used Bulky headphones in past and have been quite comfortable with them and you are also in mid-budget then nothing can be better than this for you, moreover the trust factor from Sony's end makes you worry free about the after sales service.
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4. Beats Studio Wireless - Best from Beats
Battery Backup - 12 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 215 gms
Beats Studio Wireless
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Though the market is messed up with several headphone brands but still beats has been able to secure its place here, Back in time beats started with wired headphone and became a sensation in the market and now stepping into the Wireless headphones it already kept the expectations high.
Beats Studio wireless is equipped with dual noise cancellation technology and also comes with an inbuilt mic to take the calls on the Go.Build with the best quality material it is one of the lightest weight headphones in the market which will never feel like a burden on your head.

Some Users have complained about the dropping of Bluetooth connection and we were also the one to notice that, after having a chat with fellow users of this headphone we figured out that we need to update the device after connecting it to Laptop or Pc, Since the update there has been so such problem while connecting it to any music device.

These headphones can be a great find for users who struggle finding their favorite color in headphones as Beats studio has been manufactured in 10 colors, featuring some of the matte colors as well.Since connectivity range has been issue with other headphones you do not have to worry in this case,packed with advanced Bluetooth technology you can easily create a connection with Apple or Android devices and enjoy music up to 30ft range from the source device so now you do not have worry if your phone is kept in drawing room and you need to enjoy music in bedroom.Talking about the battery life the headphones are capable of 12 hours of continuous playback at a single charge at wireless mode and up to 20 hours playback in wired mode, What else can you expect from a tiny battery?

Pros and Cons:
Extremely light in weight
Simple yet elegant design
Dual Band Noise Cancellation
Higher Connectivity Range
Multiple Color Options
No Sweat Resistance Technology Used

Final words:If you are a big time fan of Beats then you should go for it, Being equipped with all the advanced features it never makes you feel like you made a wrong decision.However the price is slightly high than mid budget,the consumer satisfaction is at par:
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5. Audio Technica ATH-S700BT - Connectivity Upto 8 Multiple devices
Battery Backup - 6 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 195 gms
Audio technica ATH-S700BT
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 Coming from the house of renowned brand this headphone comes featured with most of the high-end features but still misses few features which might bother you at some times but at this price tag, a headphone from such a big brand is in itself a big deal.With Noi noise cancellation and battery backup of 6 hours continuous playback, you wonder why this Bluetooth headphone is our best headphones of 2017? So here is the answer, the headphone feature multidevice connectiity featue using which you can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously, till now we only had a look at the headphones which have the option to connect up to maximum 2 devices but Audio-Technica has gone far ahead and became the hot shot choice of the customers.
Connectivity options include the Bluetooth technology which produces excellent sound quality, the headphone comes equipped with a mic to take calls on the go along with the control buttons on top to control the music right from the headphone.
Talking about the design and feel of the headphone, the manufacturer have only brought in the black color with very simple design along with the Company logo on both the ear cups, you may miss other colors for this Bluetooth headphone but if your only focus in sound quality and you are in mid-budget then this is for you.

We have been encountered by several new brand headphones which are comparatively less pricey than this but are not able to cope up with it in terms of multiple device connectivity and audio quality so we recommend not to go for new brands and instead invest in this great headphone by Audio Technica. Its not just about the features of the headphone but also the after sales top notched service you get with it.

Pros and Cons:
Up to 8 device Connectivity
Value for Money
Excellent Sound Quality
✖ No Cons

Final words:You are not going to see any headphone is this price tag from any of the popular brand plus if we look at the consumer ratings they are very positive and we recommend this to you even if you are high on budget because this will not only fulfill all your needs but will save some bucks for you:
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6. Avantree Fast Audio aptX Audition Pro - 40 Hours Battery Backup
Battery Backup - 40 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 199 gms
Avantree Audition PRo
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Equipped with hi-fi sound technology and up to excellent battery backup of 40 hours this headphone deserves to be in this list.Being the lowest price headphone in our top 10 wireless Bluetooth headphones and with 4.4-star ratings over amazon there is still something which will bother you that is the weight of the headphones, these pair of headphones weigh more than 600 grams and are more likely to feel heavy if you are not prone to such heavy headphones in past.
The headphones are equipped with all the major features including up to 2 device connectivity option using either the Bluetooth 4.1 technology or just by a tap with NFC. The sound quality is by far excellent and there is no compromise done on it from manufacturer's side.
You do not get any noise cancellation feature with this headphone but we doubt that you actually need that feature with such excellent sound quality, the manufacturer has not focused on adding extra features to them instead have tried making the existing features perfect.

The most eye-catching feature is the battery backup of the headphones, you get the 40 hours of battery backup on a full charge which is by far the most among any of the headphones we have reviewed in this list, so in that case, it is beating the leading brands in the market.

Pros and Cons:
Excellent Sound Quality
Excellent Battery Backup
Great Design
No Noise Cancellation feature

Final words:This is lowest price headphone is our list and we must say it is giving a tough competition to all the top brands here and if you are low on budget and can scarifies noise cancellation as feature then don't create second thoughts about buying it.
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7. Sennheiser PXC 550 - For those Who want The best
Battery Backup - 30 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 227 gms
Sennheiser PXC 550
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This is certainly the best in this list and not one user who are low on budget or even for the ones that are in mid-budget, The headphone is designed by Bose and is one of the most pricey headphones in the market but why it carries such a hefty price tag? Because it's perfect. 
Packed in with Bluetooth 4.2 technology and NFC gets ready for seamless connection with any of your favorite device.The adaptive noise guard technology with Ambient Sound makes sure that you only focus on the things you want to, whether you are in the crowd area, train or plane you will not hear anything other than the music.Talking about the battery performance it takes not more than 3 hours to charge this Bluetooth headphone providing 30 hours of playback time thereafter, now you know why it is best?
With the main focus on sound quality, you get to hear rich and deeper sound notes with extreme clarity and great bass on all of your device be it iPhone or Macbook.

Build quality: It's actually a treat to watch these headphones, they fit well, they look well, they are lightweight plus they adjust like the way you want to and when you want them no longer hanging onto your neck just fold them and you are good to carry and go on, unlike other general wireless headphones you do not get the control buttons on the top instead you get an intuitive touchpad on the right earcup to control the music or even you can just perform a tap to answer the call and have your business calls with the help of inbuilt microphone which transfers the crystal clear voice to the receiver.

You do get Cup tune music player with the headphone which is extremely powerful  music player to enjoy your music like never before

Pros and Cons:
Noiseguard Adaptive with Ambient Sound Technology
Up to 30 hours battery backup
Light weight and excellent design
Great for Calls
Exceptional Sound quality
Intuitive Touch-control

Final words: If it would have been low on price then we would have introduced that best among all but since it comes with a hefty price we understand everyone would not be able to afford it but if you don't care about the price then you must check it out.

8. Sony MDR1000X/B - With Easy Touch Controls
Battery Backup - 10 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 277 gms
Sony MDR 1000X/B
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 Are you searching for the best in the market? Then this is for you, you find it very pricey but if you go out and compare the features with the hefty price tag it carries then it will never make you fell that you are going to invest in the wrong product, Designed by the leading sound manufacturer in the market, these wireless  headphones is equipped with High-resolution audio technology to provide the best in class music experience to the listener.
Talking about our in hand experience of this Bluetooth device, it offers the best noise cancellation feature, So doesn't matter if you are stuck in traffic or even sitting in an airplane the cabin noise will never bother you and the headphone will allow you to full focus on the music.It uses the advanced Bluetooth technology for connectivity which makes it easy and convenient to connect with every device in the market starting from the iPhones to Smart TVs and Laptops as well.

➔ Ambient Sound Technolgy- Now you have to no longer turn off the headphones or take them down to listen to your hearing, to do that you have to just cup your hand over the right headphone and listen to surrounding, As simple as that NO?

➔ Touch Controls: If you are bored with the physical buttons of your old headphones and want to fell the touch controls like your smartphone then you should try this Bluetooth headphone,the touch control technology featured in this device is one of a kind and likely much less irritating and prone to wear and tear as compared to regular press buttons.
The design of the headphone is kept simple yet pleasing, the exteriors of the headphones are flat with no major design with the matte finish on top.

Pros and Cons:
World Class Noise Cancellation technology
20 Hours Continuous playback time
Ambient Sound Technology
Touch Controls
Excellent Design
Very Pricey

Final Words: This is best ever wireless headphone from Sony, Though its pricey but features like touch controls and the beautiful design and feel are justifying that price tag.

9. V-MODA Crossfade - Perfect for Gamers and DJ
Battery Backup - 12 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 292 gms
V-Moda Crossfade
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 Coming from the award-winning company this is something which will come up as a new thing for you.Two unique things which hit a user is that they are made up of steel and they are designed in a different way other than regular round cups.Designed especially for the Gamers and DJ's this is multi-purpose wireless headphone from V-Moda.Keeping in mind the above two types of users the main focus of the manufacturers has been on the sound quality which has come out to be of top notched in all terms including sound clarity and bass enhancement.
You do get a microphone to take the calls easily on the go and it can also be used for voice recognition when on certain Digital assistant apps like Google now from android.You too do not have to worry about the battery getting exhausted as this Bluetooth headphone takes approx 2 hours to charge itself fully and will provide you a 12 hours backup for music playback thereafter, So you do not have to face any issue while you are traveling or having a long journey on the plane.

Build Quality: In this review we are going to mainly focus on build quality of this headphone as most of the users are in dilemma that that being made of metal these Bluetooth headphone must be weighing too much and our answer to it is NO! , Company has not only focused on the look but have also equally kept an eye on comfort as well, the headphone are light in weight and comes out as 292 gms in weight which will never create a problem in them over the head for a long time or just keeping them hanging around the neck in spare time
Now talking about the connectivity , equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology it is easy to connect with any device and enjoy the music up to 33 ft or range from the music source, The manufacturer has also added the option to connect multi-device [ Up to 2 devices ] connectivity option so that you can enjoy the music and take the calls on the go and do not miss anything important.

You do get a 1 year warranty period where in case you get some defects in your headphone then the company will look after it.

Pros and Cons:
Metal Design and Light Weight
2 Device Connectivity
Excellent for Gaming and DJ Purpose
Unique Design
Over the Budget for some users

Final words:This is perfect headphone for gaming,music and even for studio purposes plus the build quality is extremely durable.So If you are more into games and looking for a wireless headphone which would end up being useful for every purpose then this is the one for you.

10. Bohm B76 Wireless Headphone - With Active Noise Cancellation
Battery Backup - 16 hours
Connectivity Range - 10m
Weight - 350 gms
Bohm B76 Wireless Headphone
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 Excellent headphones at this budget which offers Bluetooth connectivity to all of the popular devices including iPad, iPhones, android phones, Laptops and Smart TV'S so that you can use them for any major purpose including gaming as well.The headphones are designed in a neat way and cushion cups feel very comfortable on ears.This wireless headphone has also got the most in-demand feature these days that is Noise Cancellation, being equipped with Active noise cancellation technology manufacturers have made sure that you can full focus on the music notes without being distracted by the surroundings.
On the top of the headphones, you do get the physical buttons to control the music on the go and a separate button to activate the noise cancellation, packed with advanced Bluetooth 4.0 you get a connectivity range of up to 10 meters from the source.

The design and build quality is top notched and the cushion cups feel great over the ears but still,The weight of the headphones is approx 350 grams which would make it feel quite comfortable over ears plus the size of the ear cups will provide you better internal sound circulation and less leakage to external environment.
The company has however provided an excellent battery with no compromises at this point, at the single charge you can get a backup of up to 16 hours continuous playback which is nothing less than the headphones at the higher price range.

Pros and Cons:
Good On Budget
Active Noise Cancellation Technology
 Excellent Battery Life

Final Words: Coming from a slighly less known brand this headphone is excellent in case of comfort quality and lies within the budget range of most of the customers:

Buyer's Guide - Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Choosing a wireless headphone can be a tough task when you are out there to get your hands on the best one, With a number of excellent headphones from great brands its pretty obvious that the confusion will arise so what to do then? First of all, you need to identify your needs or the features which you are looking in ideal headphones and the features that can slightly be ignored.
Like nowadays noise cancellation feature is something to look for in a headphone whereas connectivity range should be given less preference to.Moreover if you need a headphone just with Bluetooth connectivity or NFC as well.
Here are the answers to some of your general questions:

How do Noise Cancellation feature works?
This feature comes into the business when you do not want to get distracted by your surroundings are want to concentrate just on the music.Noise Cancellation headphones carry a miniature microphone which picks up the ambient noises, absorb them and prevents them from reaching to your ears, The noise cancellation technology uses battery power and that is the reason why these headphones consume more juice.

What Size is the best?
Being encountered by the same question for multiple times and the answer to its is 40mm drivers suit best for any head shape.You should be a lot choosy while selecting a headphone as per the size and weight .Weight is something which can be ignored at instances but if the drivers and big or small and doesn't fit your ear well then you will not be able to feel the quality of the music doesn't matter how pricey your headphone is. Moreover in some cases we have seen people buying some super large headphones for themselves which makes them feel like something is pushing it inside,So in case you have never used any wireless headphones then go for ones with normal size of 40mm as its the most common size and generally fits well for every ear shape and sizes.

Open and closed back Headphones ?
If you buying them just for entertainment then NO! but if you going to use them for mixing purpose then you have to choose wisely.Most of the sound engineers prefer open back headphone for better work performance as they give a surround sound making you feel like all the instruments are being played near you,So you see there is no rocket science over here , just identify your needs and go for one.

Are Pricey Headphone worth Buying?
I will cut down the answer to its simplest form and here is my response, YES!! but there comes some terms and condition with it.Do not go for the new headphones brands with hefty price tags on them when there are established brands like BOSE and SONY alive in the market, We have tried all the major pricey headphones from big brands and for sure they have outperformed the headphones lying in the mid-budget segment.Though Sound quality is most important feature, you still have to look at the other aspects as well.Let us explain you through this infographic:

How to Choose a Headphone which would work with all the Devices?
The answer is simple if you have devices equipped with Bluetooth technology then you are good to go with any of the best wireless headphone listed above, All of the headphones listed above works seamlessly with Laptops, Tablet,iPhones and Smart Tv's plus we do have the headphone equipped with NFC pairing technology so in case you have some device with NFC or you prefer NFC as a connection as these days it is being loaded in  most of the smartphones then you can do it easily